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The domain of this function is all real numbers since it is a parabola.
D = {x | x ∈ R }

Since the vertex is at (-3/8 , -25/-16), and a (4) is positive,

Its range is greater than or equal to -25/16. 
R = {y ∈ R | y ≥ -25/16 }
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thank you po!! ahh so not 0 because the rule is that the denominator po should never be 0 kasi kapag 0 undefined na po siya?
Except -8 and 3 kasi magiging 0 sya, which will make it undefined :)
For the range naman, except 0 kasi never syang magiging 0 kasi 21 lang yung numerator
ahh okay po thank you po talaga, naintindihan ko na po :)
okay :)