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Celine is exited to celebrate her thirteenth birthday because she will travel on her own. Her family is from Lucban, Quezon and being from that place makes her mother and sister believe she could travel there alone 
her grandmother lives in the town famous Pahiyas festival. but what is more important is that she also live is in place that, to Celine, is drowned in mystery. 
"why does grandma live in that secluded place?" asked Celine to herself. 
"i can't believe grandma would be staying in a place far from the town proper",she added. 
"hush, Celine", Mama said softly 
"your thirteen years old now and it's your turn to visit the place where lola paz lives",explained her mother 
"i'm sure you'll enjoy your stay in lola paz's place. food there are delicious and the experience youll be wourth it. Celine and mother go to the bus station.and they reach the lucena city. they got into lola paz's jeepney. In morning Grandma and celine strolled in the farm and saw some animals which the girl had never seen before. 
"come celine lets go to the spring and see the vegetable growing near it'' lola paz said. 
suddenly celine heard a tiny chirping sound. Lola paz carefully scooped it. 
"do you love it?"lola paz asked celine look at the cage with tears of her eyes open the cage and slowly put her hand in 
sweet aurora jumped to her finger. it clung to her as if didn't want to go. They walk near the cliff and to the tree they found it.then it flew to a branch just an arm's length away. 
Morning came and it was time for the pahiyas festival. The street were full of people of different races. there were foreigners;. 
celine and lola paz went back to their place as early as 7:00 p.m. 
Celine was happy, The day before her visit was over her lola paz gave her twine bag 
Her first travel alone was success. Who Knows maybe next time her dream to travel to plce such as hong kong or london will come true for her and her mom
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