For example:

we are going to convert 5 and 1/2 to improper, we are going to multiply the mixed number which is 5 to the denominator which is 2, wherein it is eaqual to 10 so 10 will be added to the numwrator which is 1 so the answer would be 11/2.

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First, the definitions:
Mixed number - is a combination of whole number and fraction, taken as one term.

Improper fraction - is a fraction where numerator is greater than denominator.

Example of a mixed number:

4 \frac{3}{5}

To convert the 4 \frac{3}{5} to improper fraction:
1)  Multiply the whole number by the denominator
     (4) (5) = 20

2)  Add the numerator to the product of the whole number and denominator.  The result is the numerator of the improper fraction.
    20 + 3 = 23

3)  Re-write as improper fraction with the same denominator.

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