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First, convert 5 km to meters:

5 km  ×  1,000 meters = 5,000 meters

5,000 m is to 2,000 m = 5,000 : 2,000

Simplify to lowest term:

5,000 = 5
2,000    2

The ratio is     5 : 2  meters
Why are you asking me if I am sure about this, when, in similar problem, you said we have the same answer? (The 3:5 ratio)
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Hahaha :-) I'm not. Keep posting correct answers. I can sense that you are smart:-) Show 'em what you got :-)
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Hmm,sorry. If you find my comments arrogant. I am serious. You are good based on the questions you asked (just post it on the right box next time). They are no-nonsense questions. I am encouraging you to answer more questions here. Take this as a complement, I can sense that you are better than others your age here. Forget about this conversation if it offends you. But remember the complement, please. Have a blessed and generous day :-)
1 km = 1000 m so 5 km = 5000 m : 2000 m
                         reduce  = 5 m   :    2 m