A college class is composed of 42 students, 20 are taking Earth Science, 23 are taking Philippine History, 17 are taking algebra, 12 are taking Earth Science and Philippine History, 9 are taking Earth Science and Algebra, 7 are taking Philippine History, and 5 are taking all the three subjects.
a. How many are taking Algebra only?

It's really confusing because " 23 are taking Philippine History" was mentioned first, then "7 are taking Philippine History"
sori, 7are taking both Philippine History and Algebra.
OKay :)
b. How many are taking Algebra and Earth Science but not Philippine History?
c. How many are not taking the three subjects?



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See attachment for Venn Diagram.
Green=Earth science
Red=Philippine history 

a) 6
b) 4
c) 5
First, start with the intersection of the three circles. It said that there are 5 students taking all the subjects
7 are taking Philippine History AND Algebra, so subtract 5 from 7, that's where the 2 came from
=) ok got it now. thank you very much =)
Just work your way backwards :)
You're welcome :)