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                                        Talk- a - Talk TV!        
                                               (Talk Show)
Host- Miss T
Miss T: Welcome to Talk-a-Talk TV! Today, we will be inviting the famous author Anton Chekhov. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is very known for his collection of short stories. One of these short stories which is newly published is the story entitled " A Day in the Country". Anton is a Russian Playwright, author and a professional physician.
 (audience clap their hands)
Host: Hi Anton!
Anton: Hello Miss T, its nice to be here.
Miss T: Welcome Anton, so can you tell us about your newly publish story? Everybody here is very eager to know what's the story about.
Anton: Oh, thank you! Yes, my booklet on my short story " A Day in the Country" is already out. The story is all about the relationship of man's life to nature. The story focuses on the two beggars Danilka and Fyokla, an 8 and a 6 year old beggars and Terenty, the village cobbler. In the story, these two beggars leaned on the village cobbler. It was Terenty whom they somewhat entrusted their lives because it was only Terenty who cared, love and fed them. These two beggars are already orphans.
Miss T: Oh, how sad. Why did Terenty helped these two? what is his relationship with them? I mean, why did he help these two orphans/
Anton: The two beggars are orphans. They have nowhere to go to. They only have Terenty. It was Terenty whom they asked about their curiosity in nature. It was Terenty whom they asked assistance in times of their troubles. Terenty in short, is like a father to them and in return, the two were like Terenty's children. They have this kind of relationship in the story.
Miss T: Oh how amazing! i can't wait to grab my own copy!
Anton: Aha! I got this for you, and everybody here in the studio. I hope you will love the story!
Miss T: Indeed! Thank you so much Anton. Such a wonderful story you have.
(Facing the audience)
 So guys, don't forget, " A Day in the Country"!
( shaking hands with Anton)
Anton, thank you so much for gracing us despite your busy schedule.
Anton: My Pleasure Miss T. (waving his hands to the viewers)
Miss T: Till next time guys! Let us put our hands together for Dr. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov!

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