How would you look like if there are no bones in your body?

ako si Mikai. May tanong lang ako pwede ba kita maging friend?
ako si Mikai. may tanong lang ako pwede ba kita maging friend? tsaka pano ba makakuha ng points?
answer any questions to have a points
saan ka nakatira? Karlacinco ang ganda ng profile picture mo favorite ko rin kasi si Elsa sa Movieng Frozen...... hehehehehehe............
bat wala karing comment?


I think im dead or maybe i cant walk or something what to do because im on the floor if i haven't have bones in my body.
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wala un hehehehe.......
wla na plang have ung sa havent
pero ok na den yan
Thanks to you very much
 we will like an faded plant

-hope its very helpful for you

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