A Day in the Country story
1.who are the characters in the story
2.where and when does the story take place
3.what is the main problem in the storu
4.what happen in the story? what is the story all about?
5.what is the author's attitude toward the subject? what kind of emotion or feeling do you get after reading the story?
6.who is telling or narrating the story? is one character acting as narrator(first person),or someone telling what is going on (third person)?




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1. Characters in the story "A Day in the Country"
  -> two orphans, Danilka and Fyokla
  -> the village cobbler, Terenty
2. Setting
  -> in a village, between 8 and nine in the morning
3. Conflict/ Main Problem of the story
  -> There was a typhoon luring in the village and the two orphans, Danilka and Fyokla was in big trouble. Danilka managed to have his hand trapped in the small hole and Fyokla, his sister was running in the middle of the storm looking for Terenty to have her brother rescued.
5. After reading the story you will be awed by nature too. The author made nature more interesting by relating it to man's life.
6. Third person. 

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