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Natsu dragneel - salamander
lucy heartfilla - celestial wizard 
erza scarlet - the girl in armor
gray fulbuster - the ice maker
wendy marvell - wind dragon slayer
happy - blue cat (exeed)
carla - white cat (exeed)
gajeel redfox - iron dragon slayer 
panther lily -  the black cat that has a huge sword (exeed)
makarov dreyar - the master of fairy tail
mystogan - the prince of edolas
elfman strauss - the man that can make a take over
juvia lockster - the water girl that is in love with gray
laxus dreyar - the grandson of makarov
levy macgarden - bestfriend of lucy
gildarts clive - the strongest s-class wizard
cana alberona - the daughter of gildarts
lisanna strauss - sister of elfman
mirajane strauss - the eldest of the three siblings ( lisanna and elfman )
loke - a celestial spirit known as leo
mavir vermillion - the founder of fairy tail
evergreen - the woman with the eyes that can turn anyone to stone and a member of raijin tribe under laxus
bickslow -the manipulator of puppets and a member of raijin tribe under laxus
freid (pronounced as freed) justine - the rune maker of raijin tribe.
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