1. A car travels along a road at a steady speed of 60 mph. How far will it travel in 6 hours?

2. A train covers a distance of 480 mi in 8 hours. If it travels at a constant speed, how fast is it traveling?

3. John walks at a steady speed of 3 mph. How long will it take him to travel 24 miles?

4. A car travel at a constant speed of 65 mph. How far will it have traveled in 4 hours?

5. Melanie completes a long distance run at an average speed of 6 mph. If it takes her 3 hours, how fas did she run?

6. Sarah cycles 30 mi to her grandmother's house at a steady speed of 10 mph. If she leave home at 2:00 pm, what time will she arrive?



1.360miles in 6hours
2. 6mph
4.260miles in 4hours
I hope these answers help. You can ask me about the processĀ 
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