1. ovary

2. adrenal gland

3. anterior pituitary

4. thymus

5. pancreas

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How about the pituitary gland in a pregnant woman? since it releases hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin
prolactin and oxytocin will be released when the baby is born, cause these are for milk production and release of milk
But Oxytocin is a hormone which plays a role in intimacy,sexual reproduction of both sexes, during and after childbirth as well as social bonding. And I have read that prolactin is produced during and after pregnancy, even a non-pregnant woman can lactate.
yes oxytocin plays a role in intimacy because it allows contraction of the vaginal wall giving pleasure especially to the male during childbirth it is the hormone that gives the labor pains because it allows the uterus to contract pushing the baby out. prolactin on the other hand is also released during mating and during treatment with estrogen. but your original question is in pregnancy wherein ovary plays an important role to maintain pregnancy