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For those of you who don't know me, I am Janiza, also a citizen of Mother Earth.

Before I came to exist, Mother Nature took care of my descendants' needs. This I know because in every family reunion, we talk about  her.  Even in her demise, we we still talk about her.

Life on earth had been wonderful with what Mother Nature had given us.  Instead of us nurturing her, she gave us life.  She made sure that when I open my eyes every morning, I can see her beauty even in gloomy weather.  

As a child, I climbed the tree she allowed to grow in our backyard. The animals had their habitat.  Growing up, she directed the path for my father and I to the mountains.  We climbed together.  My father had a great time with his daughter showing her the abundant forests, and from the peak of the mountain, her beauty beyond words. She gave joy to my mother every time the flower bloom, be it summer or autumn.  

Our Creator is not only good and faithful.  He is wise to create Mother Nature first before man.  But what did man do?  We think that it is the Nature's responsibility to take care of us until our death.  We abuse her.  She was silent.  But not for long, for she could not allow us to destroy her for the sake of our grandchildren, and their grandchildren.  She fought back with flash floods, landslides, forest fires, the climate change. But these she did to open our eyes and to protect the future generation. 

She was the most amazing creation next to man.  But without her, our existence is no more.  

If the Creator will give us another Mother Nature, it will be our turn guard and protect her.

Mother Nature, thank you for nurturing us.  With your death, soon ours will follow.  Goodbye.

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