A eulogy is simply a speech about a loved one who has died.This speech is usually given during a memorial or funeral ceremony.  While it is often given by a close friend or relative of the deceased, it can also be given by a religious leader.

There is no “right way” to compose a eulogy.Since most people have no idea what a eulogy is supposed to sound like, you can pretty much create it any way you want.  Here are some things you may want to talk about:a brief “life history” of the person who has diedimportant achievements and events in the deceased’s lifedetails about family, friends, work, and hobbiesfavorite memories of the deceasedMost eulogies last between 5 and 15 minutes but there are no hard and fast rules here.  You can also deliver “vignette” eulogies.  This is where several different people take turns speaking about the deceased.  For example, each of the children of a deceased parent could give a small speech about their favorite respective memory with the deceased.