What is the endocrine glands of the ff that depicts the involvement of a particular gland in the endocrine system? explain its effect according to its function.

1. a pregnant woman
2. a boy running away from danger
3. a kid growing taller
4. a sick person in bed
5. a girl eating sweets

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1. pregnant woman -  ovary specifically it corpus luteum  produces estrogen and progesterone to maintaim uterine thickness to hold the fetus. oxytocin from posterior pituitary allows the stretching of the cervix. prolactin from anterior pituitary prepares breast tissue for lactation and relaxin  from uterus to loosen ligaments to allow cervical stretching.

2. boy running from danger -adrenal gland pdocuces adrenlin to boost energy

3.kid growing taller - growth hormone from anterior pituitary gland

4. sick person in bed- thymus for immune system

5. girl eating sweets - pancreas to release insulin to deposit excess sugar in muscles and liver

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