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[(x+3)-5]²   ⇒  (x-2)²         [3-5 combine similar terms]

(x-2)²  ⇒   x² -2x -2x +4   ⇒   x² -4x +4       [FOIL lang]

or kung gusto mo yung long solution, using FOIL


(x+3)²  -5(x+3)  -5(x+3)  +25

x²+6x+9  -5x-15  -5x-15  +25

x² -4x +4
muhkang pinalala mo ata yung sagot -_-
huh? Ano ba di mo gets?
haidiyus nakakalito na yung math masmagnda pa yung grade 1-7
masasanay ka rin :)
eto pa may question ako wait lang