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Here's the answer hahaha. :)
Hi gillian, when I suggested (in another problem that you answered correctly) that you show your solution, I mean how you solve it :-) We can help other users by showing them step-by step solution. This solution they use as guide for similar problems inside the classroom when calculators are not allowed. Have a blessed Sunday :-)
Correction: "This solution they can use as guide..."
I'm sorry. Thanks for the reminder^ :)
hehe, I like your sense of humour here. I'm actually laughing with this one :-) My reminder is for your answers not to be reported by other user :-) You are smart, and that's a complement :-)
Thankyou. By the way I had a question about Mathematics it's Solid Mensuration. Hehe and when I viewed your profile I saw your excellent in Math. If it is okay can I ask it to you? Thankyou :)