Most men don’t understand the menstrual cycle.  If you’re a guy, don’t worry, most women don’t understand the cycle very well either but now everyone can!  The reason why guys don’t understand why women get moody is because a mans testosterone level stays pretty much the same everyday.  Women’s hormones levels (estrogen and progesterone) constantly rise and fall throughout the year and that not only affects their body but their mood as well.  When somebody says it’s their time of the month, it’s a REAL physiological thing.  Guys can’t relate to this because they don’t experience a fluctuation in their sexual hormones.When you are a child, you suffer from childhood diseases.  When you are in old age you suffer from degenerative diseases.  But right now, if you are in your 20’s and 30’s you are in your optimal point of health.  If a guy has to go to the doctor, they go to an internist.  If a girl has to go to a doctor, almost all the time it is the gynecologist that they need to go to because that’st he most common doctor a woman is going to see.
paano po mangyayari within 14 days sa egg cell po ng babae
Well you mean during pregnancy well

In the stage where the egg is in the age 14 days it will become a fetus and you will realize that it will be itchy in the woman's womb.