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Through sexual intercouse is the process so the couple can make a baby. There are several reasons why we need to make a baby. First, it is the symbol of love. Second, to make a new individual and third, for family purpose.

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mga otooto
if its symbol of love why anybody rape an innocent girl
That's why I state it first that there are several reasons why we need to make a baby. And for most, you're thinking about 'rape situation hence your answer only states about, "how to make a baby and why do we need to make a baby. . . "
*your question ---- I mean . . .
Syempre, of course, practically

Magagawa ang isang baby through sex because egg cell which is from the women and the sperm cell sa mga lalake ay mag uunite para makakagawa ng fetus na mag stay put sa tiyan ng babae for 9 months or less kung premature baby kay less 9 months.

Gumagawa ang lalake at babae ng anak dahil ang anak nila ang simbolo ng kanilang pagmamahalan. At ang kanilang anak din ang magpapatuloy sa bloodline ng kaniyang mama at papa.

How do make a Baby? Why do we need to make a baby? Include situations like rape! -yan dapat question mo teh...kung may pinagdadaanan ka dyan keep it with yourself and face it rather than judging my answer.
I agree!
o kaya naman dagdagan mo ng 'involving social issues'