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17 points were named in the figure.
5 3 5
Isn't it 16? 
^ Hi. If the 16 points are represented by letters A to P, then the line is represented by line AP.  We can not say ray AP and ray PA. So I add another letter to represent an endpoint.  The line drawn, if represented by line AQ, the letters between them are endpoints of the ray. Rays BA, BQ,CA, CQ, DA, DQ, EA, EQ, FA, FQ, GA, GQ, HA, HQ, IA, IQ, JA, JQ, KA, KQ, LA, KQ, MA, MQ, NA, NQ, OA, OQ, PA, PQ . I hope I got it correctly :-)  Please let me know otherwise :-)
Oh yes I miscalculated, I'm sorry. I forgot that the formula was 2(n-2) not 2n-2