Keesh told Klosh-Kwan and the other hunters that the division of their meat is no fair that the meat that are apportioned to the weak are no more than quantity of bones. He even compared it to the times that his father, Bok, was alive, that there was always been a fair division of meat.
The council didn't granted his wish that's why he felt angry about it Keesh told Klosh-Kwan and the other hunters that he shall never speak in the council again until someone beg him to. He also told everyone that he himself will hunt for meat and the division for the meat that he slayed will be fair that no one will cry at night for there is no meat to eat instead they will cry because they've eaten over much.
Ikeega felt gravely sad about it because no boy as tender a Keesh's age go forth to hunt, much as less hunt alone for it is too dangerous especially when you encountered a polar bear