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The story circles around the love story of Chunhyang and Mongnyong, both at their tender age, 15.  Chunhyang was the daughter of a Gisaeng or Kisaeng (courtesan) and an aristocrat (her father left for Seoul and later died.) Gisaeng are legal entertainers who were carefully trained to entertain for the state. Though they are strictly and carefully trained, they are considered lowest of the low as the Confucian thought goes.
The tale was about a gisaeng's daughter, Chunhyang, who was married to a nobleman, Mongnyong. They promised to be loyal and faithful to each other.
This tale shows how loyal Chunhyang was to her husband even though they were separated for a long time. Though she was tortured to death she kept her promise to her beloved husband. She stood up for her loyalty and fidelity that she will never serve any man other than Mongnyong.
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