They are the same because replication is a process of new strands created from a parent strand. And specific base pairing allows such accuracy to make replication possible.
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thank you
Look,  ATTGC\
When they split they will become ATTGC\ and TAACG/ And when replcation occurs
TAACG/ will find its way through it.
And ATTGC\                              ←←
        TAACG/ will be paired with ↑↑
Tell me now if they are no the same.
the question is about the 2 new strands, it does not include the old dna set, maybe you are comparing both the new and od dna sets which naturally would be the same, but talking about the new strands you really couldn't say they are the as same. using your example, the last 2 strands which as I see are the new strands you've got ATTGC\
while the other strand has TAACG/ are they the same?

the two new strands are not the same nor different because they are complimentary these new strands come from two strands which are also complimentary.
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