What is the meaning of :
1. Battle - sweat
2.Slaughter - dew
3.evil - doer
4. life - evil
5. horrible - hermit
6. devil from hell
7. sin - stained demon
8. battle - dress
9.fighting - gear
10. dragon - slayer
11. war trooper's leader
12. chief of the strangers
13. ring-giver
15.wave - floater
16. swirling surf
17. light of the battle
18.whale road
19.whale's way
20. Swan road

what is the meaning of swan road
i think it means sea


Battle - sweat means blood
horrible hermit means a person who keeps to himself and who doesn't like to leave his home or see people
devil from hell means demon
sin stained demon- servant of hell
fighting gear- weapons
dragon slayer- one who kills dragon
war trooper's leader- general
chief of the stranger- leader of strangers
ring giver-someone who give gift;literally gold
gold giver-someone who gives gold
whale road- sea
whale's way- sea
Swan road- sea

I hope it can help you :)

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