Q8: How does the brain receive the information from the receptor?
Q9: What does the brain do as soon as it receives the information
Q10: How is the message from the brain sent in response to the stimuli?
Q11: How will you differentiate the sensory and motor neurons based on their functions?
Q12: Based on the simulation activity explain how information travels in the nervous system
Q13: Why does the damage in the nervous system cause paralysis of the body?



It sends motor neurons to the organs for response.
Through the motor neurons.
Sensory neurons, sends the impulse to the brain, while motor nerves sends commands from the brain to the organ.
A stimulus is received by the organ, then the impulse is sent to the brain through sensory neurons, which transmits the impulse, one cell to another. as the message reaches the brain, the brain processes the information and commands the organ to respond through the motor neurons.
Because if a person can't feel a stimulus, it cannot procces information in the brain, therefore, no command to the muscles are delivered resulting in immobility or what you call paralysis.

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