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Keesh was thirteen years old when he made history. He was the son of Bok, a great huntsman, who desired to feed his fellowmen to fight hunger. He, as a sole son wanted to continue his father's will. He was a young boy with a big heart for his countrymen. He spoke against the council after sharing his sentiments that he and his countrymen is suffering-- unfair division of meat.
After being ridiculed by other villagers and being scorned by the council, he set forth to hunt alone. Few days after, he returned with an ice bear and two cubs on his shoulders, freshly-killed polar bears.
The council doubted his hunting. He was spied and accused, but, after revealing the mystery of his marvelous hunting, he was awed and recognized by everybody.

Keesh was truly a great huntsman not because of his skills and devised means in hunting, but because he was hunting to feed his countrymen. He was an inspiration to everybody to become great hunters.

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