''According to the theory of plate tectonics, Earth's crust is composed of a number of individual plates that change shapes and positions over time. Geophysical evidence indicates that the face of Earth's changed significantly since its initial formation and that the plates on which the continents are located are in constant motion. The movement of the plate is responsible for the formation of ocean basins , mountain ranges , islands , volcanoes , and earthquakes. Important concept in the theory of plate tectonics include the following. 

The oceans floor are continually moving--spreading from the center , sinking at the edges , and being regenerated.
Convection currents beneath the plates are responsible for plate movement.
The source of energy responsible for generating the heat and convection currents  that move the plate is most likely radioactivity deep in Earth's mantle''.

As sources of energy  , think about Iceland which sits on top of the mid Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Geothermal energy comes from the volcanic activity associated with the Ridge.

Also ,  think about the uncontrolled energy that caused the tsunami in Jpan
Eurasian plate, North American plate, Indian plate