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A Day in the Country
1. Character(s): Who are the characters in the story?
2. Setting: Where and when does the story take place?
3. Conflict: What is the main problem in the story?
4. Plot: What is happening in the story? What is the story about?
5. Tone/Mood: What is the author’s attitude toward the subject? What kind of emotion or feeling do you get after reading the story?
6. Point of View: Who is telling or narrating the story? Is one character acting as a narrator (first person), or someone telling what is going on (third person)?



1. terenty, danilka and fyolka
2. the story took place in the copse
3. main problem is that  people sometimes dont have enough money to buy all of there food and crops so they have to hunt and farm to support themselves and there family because they are orphans
4. the story is about nature 
5. i get emotional after i read the story
6. someone is telling whats going on
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the answers at #5 and #6 can you explain it more clearly? anyway thank you so much :) 
i get emotional cause  terenty was once an orphan and he see his self on that two children reason why he helped them and someone is telling the story because in the end of the story, u can see tht the sentences and how it was narrated was someone is talking to you, or short term,.. it is narrated 
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