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THe tale of Chunhyang tells us about fidelity and loyalty. The story also emphasizes about true love and eradication of injustice.
The tale revolves around the complex love story between Chunhyang,a kisaeng's daughter, ang Mong-ryong, a magistrate's son. At their tender age,15, they fall inlove and later married.
Days and months went on when Mong-ryong's father was promoted urging them to move for Seoul. Both have to say goodbye. Although years had passed, the love and loyalty of Chunhyang never fade away.  Though she went through hardships, torture of all sorts, because of refusing the magistrate's wish to bed her, she remained loyal to her husband.
She never feared execution.At the end of the story, Mong-ryong returned and save her beloved wife from an unjust death.

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