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Keesh was a young brave man who made a history in his village. He was recognized as a great huntsman like his late father Bok.
He wanted to give honor to his father's memory as a man who risk his life to feed his fellow villagers.  Being inspired to his father's notable deed, he emboldened himself and proved that he can do great as his father. Even if he was ridiculed,scorned, and doubted, Keesh was encouraged to hunt alone. His courage and will to continue his father's deeds made him more determined to be successful in hunting.
He returned to his village with a freshly-killed bear on his shoulders. His feat swept away his mother's sadness.  For so many times,he always return home with freshly-hunted ice-bears.
We can say that Keesh was truly a dignified and a great huntsman because, despite of being accused with all sorts, he never backed down.