HIV/AIDS affects a person's life and the significant others badly, people tend to know that this illness is a hard thing to cope with and can do much danger to one's life since there is no cure to this illness. It could surely affect a person's life since those judgemental people go and judge you right away and people tend to back off, cause if they won't they might catch the same thing the person with HIV will and suffer just like that person and that's a very hard thing to cope with. It could also affect the person's persona, he/she might change the way they look at people, they can be depressed some of them even commit suicide to end their sufferings, and some of them might be those introverts that doesn't want to go out and hang with their friends since people are judging them very badly. It can also affect the significant others just like how they look at people with HIV they might change as well, they might change and might also treat people that are normal or negative with the such thing "hypocritically" cause they're already used at putting the person down.
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