1. I gave myself 12 weeks to get in shape.
2. You should buy yourself a new computer.
3. Diane bought herself a new pair of shoes.
4. Jeff read quietly to himself.
5. The kitten groomed itself.
6. We treated ourselves to a night on the town.
7.The students are able to monitor themselves.
Allison accidentally cut herself.
They cannot help themselves.
Carol poured herself a glass of milk.
They themselves gave a round of applause for the winners of 2015 area meet.
I saw myself in the portrait near the museum.
Elissa blames herself for the disconnection of their internet connection due to her carelessness.
Will you reward yourselves?
Sen made himself a sophisticated dessert made of seaweeds.
They can't even rescue themselves in the middle of that horrible tragedy.
Camille complimented herself by twitting it.
The homeroom adviser himself made a resignation letter.
The mouse itself ate up all the leftovers in our front door.
We ourselves made it into the highest point of the mountain yesterday.