Sounds propagates and travels through air. and propagated through other media. and the vibration Complete back and fort movement of an object is called a is also a disturbance of energy transmitted through matter or space.
there are two kinds of wave.

Mechanical wave is a wave that needs a medium to propagate. a wave Connot travel through empty space.

there are 2 kinds of mechanical wave

a.) Longitudinal wave is a wave that travel parallel to the motion of particles.
b.) Transverse wave is a wave that travel perpendicular to the motion of particles.

Electromagnetic wave is a wave that passed through empty space.

the characteristics of waves are the:

a.) trough - the lowest part of transverse wave.

b.) crest the highest part of transverse wave.

there are also properties of wavve:
1.)wave length
3.) the speed of the wave
4.) amplitude
Loudness,Intensity,Quality,and Pitch