CHARLEMAGE ---> is well known to have been tall, stately and fair-haired, with disproportionately think neck. His skeleton was measured during the 18th century and his height was determined to be 1.90 m (6 feet and 3 inches).He was large and strong, and of lofty stature, though not disproportionately tall (his height is well known to have been seven times the length of his foot), the upper part of his head was round, his eyes very large and animated, nose a little long, hair fair, and face laughing and merry.

Thus his appearance was always stately and dignified, whether he was standing or sitting, although his neck was think and somewhat short, and his belly rather prominent, but the symmetry of the rest of his body concealed these defects. His gait was firm, his whole carriage manly, and his voice clear.