Parent and child conflicts can occur for many reasons. When conflict occurs, the entire family can be thrown into emotional turmoil. Resolving a parent and child conflict requires the participation of everyone involved. Communication is a very beneficial tool in resolving conflict. "When parenting, we need to listen to our children and consider their input," says psychologist Dr. Longhurst. Understanding why a parent and child conflict occurs and how to resolve it can help bring harmony back to the entire family.CausesAlthough there is not one single cause for parent and child conflicts, Psychology Today lists a few common reasons. Some conflicts occur when parents cannot give as much attention or support to their children as is desired. If a family has multiple children, the middle children may feel lost and act out. As a child grows up, they begin to insert their own independence into their lives. Sometimes conflict occurs due to generational clashes. Parents' morals and views of life can be very different from their children's.
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Preventing the parent-child conflict. It is through avoiding making favoritism esp. if they have siblings. Next is understanding their conditions and knowing first what really happened before making long complaints and sermons. 
Never loose communication with them.
Learn to appreciate whatever they have.
Learn to forgive and forget.
Never raise your pride against your parent or your child. Learn to love, accept and learn how to open your feelings with them. In that way, you can resolve problems without further conflicts.
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