Lennon said that there r lots of things that can
happen in our minds that cannot happen in "imagine"...
and he's giving us instances,like if there were
no differences between religions...nothing to kill
others for...if ppl gave up being selfish,and
thought abt the present instead of the
future...and wat happened in the past...
the borders of the countries r there in real
life,..but in the dreams,they can be omitted..
nobody has any material possessions that they
call "theirs"...everything belongs to
one is greedy or hungry for power,..and its like
all earthlings r a family,brothers..
and its so pleasant to imagine that everyone is
sharing the world,instead of fighting for the
imaginary boundaries ..
and all these fantasies can never come
he's a dreamer,and he knows that there r many
other ppl like him...who dream of peace,love and
and he hopes that someday,everyone will hv the
same dream,and so it wont be a dream
anymore,it will become reality...
and then we wont be separated by our
countries,or beliefs and we'll live togather as