Conventional geothermal power plants like the
one at Reykjanes make possible the kind of
energy economy that has made Iceland a model
for the world; the country generates virtually all
of its electricity from renewable resources—a
quarter of it from geothermal alone—making
Iceland the poster child for geothermal energy
usage in a world dominated by hydrocarbon
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Energy from volcanoes, our country is prone to volcanoes, these volcanoes can be a source of electricity, the heat of the earth's interior warms up water which is trapped in rock formations beneath it's surface. and this energy generated is called geothermal energy.
there are two kind how to generated geothermal energy.

1.) Geothermal power plants -used to produced steam to generate electricity.
2.) Geothermal heat pumps - use heat coming g from close to earth's surface.
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