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Distance =  \sqrt{(5) ^{2}+(12) ^{2}  }

Distance =  \sqrt{25+144}

Distance =  \sqrt{169}

Distance = 13 cm

ANSWER: The insect is 13 cm far from the starting point.
is it possible that the insect walked to 12cm west and from that point, walked 5cm north? so the hypotenuse would be the 5cm and the other side is 12cm so we need to find the other side?
Then, the insect did not walk north, but north-east :-)
oh, I get your point. :) many thanks!
You're welcome. For vector/displacement, you should be aware of the directions.  North, West, East, South, are all straight lines from the origin in x and y axis (horizontal or vertical), while the secondary directions are not (north-east, south-west / west-south, etc.) and usually includes angles (such as 50 degrees north-east, etc).  Have a blessed Sunday :-)