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An adjective is a word that describes noun or pronoun.


tall buildings (adjective - tall;  buildings - noun)

precocious child (adjective- precocious;  child- noun)

She is lovely.  (lovely - adjective;  She - pronoun)

The simplest definition of an adjective is that it is a word that describes or clarifies a noun. Adjectives describe nouns by giving some information about an object’s size, shape, age, color, origin or material.
i have five examples:

It’s a big table. (size)

It’s a round table. (shape)

It’s an old table. (age)

It’s a brown table. (color)

It’s an English table. (origin)
 ^Elicifer, please remember that adjectives also describe or modify pronouns :-)  Happy new year. 

An adjective is a describing word. It modifies a noun or pronoun.
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