According to a guy named Eric Digest:

SUGGESTIONS TO HELP STUDENTS OVERCOME TEST ANXIETY There are a number of suggestions that school administrators, teachers, school counselors, and parents may utilize to help students effectively manage test anxiety.

Teachers should:

 * become aware of students' developmental levels and the pressure they may be
placing on students prior to test administration.

* teach students successful test-taking strategies that include understanding test time
limits, the importance of pacing, and the different type of test formats (e.g. multiple
choice, essay, fill in the blank).
* consider designing some classroom tests using the standardized test format during
the school year.

* help students understand test ceilings and provide information on whether or not they will be penalized for incorrect responses. If points are deducted for incorrect responses students should be informed to leave items blank (Sycamore & Corey, 1990).

 * address test anxiety in class by exploring students' concerns and, if necessary, meet with the school counselor and parents of identified students to confront this issue.