To make clean and green in our country be one to lead the manners such as cleaning, stop throwing trash, stop using things that can make our environment pollute, separating garbages using 5r (reduce,reuse, recycle, replenish, and restore), plant more trees, and be responsible and honest in our country. You can make clean and green in our country in simple ways. You can also make seminar about it, and you can invite all especially to those who are interested. Well, everything is possible if everyone is working hand in hand to save the lives of the next generation.
To make clean and green our country first we need our cooperation
We need to recycle
Recycling used things can reduce trash or less trash because if we dumped all our trashes in landfills
It pollutes land we can make compost for soil
It fertilizes your plant and soil
And we need to stop air pollution as soon as we can!
Illegal logging stop!
Because we need forests! We need to recycle papers also to less using woods and akways take care all the animals especially wild animals many animals were endangered and killed.. Like tuatara, duck billed platypus and Philippine Eagle.. We need to do this early!!
We need all of these animals,trees, air,,land,water...
Before When God created the world the water is clean and color blue.. Now GREEN
If you want to live we need to tale care of coz they are our chance.....