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 x^{2} +4x=32

 x^{2} +4x+4=32+4


x+2=\pm \sqrt{36}

x=\pm6 -2

x_1=6 -2=\boxed{4}

x_2=-6 -2=\boxed{-8}

2 x^{2} +32x=120

 x^{2} +16x=60

 x^{2} +16x+64=60+64


 x+8= \pm\sqrt{124} =\pm2 \sqrt{31}

x=\pm2 \sqrt{31} -8

\boxed{x_1=2 \sqrt{31} -8}

\boxed{x_2=-2 \sqrt{31} -8}
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how about 64?
yung 64 galing sa (16/2)^2 , kasi diba pag completing the square (b/2)^2. Sa 2nd line ng #2, b=16
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