Since k is constant, we can find k given any point by multiplying the x-coordinate by the y-coordinate. For example, if y varies inversely as x , and x = 5 when y = 2 , then the constant of variation is k = xy = 5(2) = 10 . Thus, the equation describing this inverse variation is xy = 10 or y = . 
May reporting po kasi kami bukas, pwede po bang dalawa lang ang value ng x at y coordinate kung gagawa ako ng graph/
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If you're reporting with a graph, y is dependent on x given the constant of variation.  Use y = k/x instead (same as k = xy) so you can show the relationship of x and y.
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When you report with graph, use k = xy to find  the constant of variation given the first set of x and y.

You can show the relationship of x and y, and the trend of the graph (hyperbola).  Show the relationship such as y is dependent on the input x.  I suggest you report a real-life application problem, such as the relationship of Volume and Pressure. (I'm sure you have this in Chemistry lesson on gas behavior, since Variation in Math is also in the same level Grade 9).

Example:  The volume of gas varies inversely on the pressure applied to it.

Volume is y (the output on y-axis) and Pressure is x (the input on x-axis).

In inverse variation, as x (Pressure) increases, y (Volume) decreases.  As x (Pressure) decreases, y (Volume) increases.  

Make sure you give at least 4 sets of values so you can show the graph.

(Check your Chemistry book, there are examples of Volume-Pressure relationship.  Study you report. Focus on how to present the graph.  Breathe, relax)
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