A. Preparatory Activities1. Review 
      Prepare slips of paper with the pupils’ names.  Put them in a container.  Draw a pupil’s name at random from the container.  Ask him/her to present a 3-4 minute review of the previous day’s lesson
 2. MotivationShow a new pair of slippers to the class. Ask them to identify the object you are holding.
Ask:   If I will ask you to give this pair of slippers to someone, to whom will you give this? Why?
3. Unlocking of Difficulties
    Unlock the words through pictures and gestures.
Words to Unlock:plenty – existing in great quantity
tapped – touched with the fingers
proud – properly self-respecting
shouted – spoke loudly
agreed – consented 
1 5 1
Cause: Not studying for your upcoming test.
Effect: Receiving a low score.
Cause: Eating too much chocolate and other sugary foods.
Effect: Getting diabetes.
Cause: Answering back to your parents.
Effect: Your parents getting mad at you.
Cause: Helping others for an extended period of time.
Effect: Having a reputation as a helpful person.
Cause: Using the computer for too long.
Effect: Getting poor eyesight.