...wala pero my together.. Hahah
Wala pung "FOREVER" life time lang po :) 
No, walang forever. We all have our soulmates. In my own understanding about love, All i can say is that it happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, we should cherish the relationship we have right now with our own partners in life.

And we all have choices wether to choose love over greed or greed over love.

Greed is the one who break us apart. Greed for money, family, self and ambitions can lead us to a unhappy life.

We all go through that stage and we choose better decisions than loving truly a certain person.

It is our own fault if we die and regret to love because we were the ones who make the rules, the money, and things which were never meant to be made.

It is because from the start God has given us enough. Enough for Eve to be with Adam. And Adam to be with Eve.

But as a relationship progress, you cannot deny the fact that there's a point of your life when you say 'you need more love'. And thus, it is why forever doesn't exist we all are not worthy for a forever. It is because we all want more and it done out of our selfish beliefs in life.

--just my own opinion heheh