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Brotsa o brutsa (paint brush)
braso (arm)
brigada (brigade)
brilyante (diamond)
brusko (rude or rough in manners)
brutalidad (brutality)
brutal (brutal; cruel)
bronse (bronze)

I do understand why Brainly does not allow swear words, it does not accept "b-r-u-h-a" (witch in English), a valid Tagalog word.  You may add it.  But please don't use it to describe a person you dislike:-)
But brainly accepts witch.  Hmm, I do understand now.  Its negative connotation is frequently used. 
I have to mention that the reference/source is my ever reliable Vicassan's Pilipino-English dictionary.  I wish I could own one co-published by UP and Anvil, with national artist for Literature Virgilio Almario.  Sorry, I posted more words in "comments" than in answer box.  Maganda at mapagpalang araw po sa inyo :-)