Autumn is the season of change, Thank yous and Preparation. Autumn is where families gather at the dining hall to give thanks on everything they had been blessed with.Autumn is where the leaves fall for the upcoming winter. Autumn is the season where adults rake the fallen leaves and the children kick the piles they had raked yet laugh anyway, Autumn is the season where people separated from each other come back to their home for thanks giving.Autumn is the season for getting back up when you have been kicked down and become even better.

Summer is the season of warmth and happiness, where everyone comes outdoors to play under the sun and enjoy the joy radiating from everybody's hearts. Summer is the season of the wonderful warmth. 

Winter is the season of rest and peace as the land prepares itself for the upcoming spring, it is the season of the gathering of the family celebrating Christmas eves, the season for smiles and comfort for people around the world. It is the season of the comforting cold.
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