There's 3 reasons for you to save extra money. #1 is for your happiness. #2 for your dreams and #3 for emergencies. 
1. Happiness
A survey from Ally Bank found that saving money is one of the best habits people can take to increase happiness. Among those polled with savings accounts, 38 percent of people said they felt extremely or very happy. In comparison, only 29 percent of those without savings accounts felt the same way. Overall, 84 percent of people said saving money makes them feel good — ahead of eating healthy at 74 percent and enjoying work at 68 percent.
2. Dreams
If your dream retirement includes getting out and seeing the world, you’re not alone. Americans want to travel and seize the benefits of getting away from it all during their golden years, but most are not saving enough to make these goals a reality.
3. Emergencies
In case you didn’t notice, life is full of surprises. If you don’t have a savings cushion, these surprises can quickly turn into emergencies that lead to additional debt and a vicious cycle of never getting ahead.
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Saving extra money does not only guarantees available cash in the future, but also instills discipline and exercise wisdom in making choices, like spending only on needs than wants.