Show your solution and write the theorems or properties you applied to justify each step in the solution process. You may illustrate each given, to serve as your guide. Be sure to box your final answer.
1.Given: Quadrilateral WISH is a parallelogram.
a. If m ∠W=x + 15 and m ∠S=2x + 5, what is m ∠W?
b. If WI=3y+3 and HS=y+13, How long is HS(there's a line segment/line segment HS)?
c. (rectangle)WISH is a rectangle and its perimeter is 56 cm. One side is 5cm less than twice the other side. What are its dimensions and how large is its area?
d. What is the perimeter and the area of the largest square that can be formed from rectangle WISH in 1.c.?

2.Given: Quadrilateral POST is an isosceles trapezoid with OS(line segment OS) || PT(line segment PT). ER(line segment ER) is its median:
a.If OS=3x-2, PT=2x+10 and ER=14, how long is each base?
b.If m ∠P=2x+5 and m ∠O=3x-10,what is m ∠T?
c.One base is twice the other and ER is 6cm long. If its perimeter is 27cm, how long is each leg?
d. ER is 8.5 in long and one leg measures 9 in. What is its perimeter if one of the bases is 3 in more than the other?

3.Given: Quadrilateral LIKE is a kite with LI(line segment LI) ≅ IK(line segment IK) and LE (line segment LE) ≅KE (line segment KE.
a.LE is twice LI. If its perimeter is 21 cm, how long is LE(line segment)?
b.What is its area if one of the diagonals is 4 more than the other and IE+LK=16 in?
c. IE=(x-1) ft and LK=(x+2) ft. If its area is 44 ft, how long are IE(line segment IE) and LK(line segment LK)?



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(Please STUDY the theorems and properties of quadrilaterals, parallelograms and kite - there are only less than 10 for each - and their applications so you can solve similar problems. This site helps, but you have to practice solving similar problems.)
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Okay :) Thank you again. 
Number 1 should be 25 degrees. Please check my computations, addition,, etc. but the solution is the same.  
Yes , it's 10 + 13. 
Number 1, b. 2y = 10 , so y= 5. Plug in to y, then compute for the final answer. Sorry, i tried go finish that early morning.  Trust your instinct, you're good:-) just make sure you follow the solution based on theorems and proofs stated therein. 
** tried to finish... (Not go.... )