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Gerunds are verbs used as nouns (subject, complement, or object) in a sentence by adding the base verbs with ‘–ing’.  

1. Chat 
Chatting in social media sites nowadays are one of the reasons people get connected easily.

2. Send 

Sending letters during Valentines day is a tradition of our school.

3. Research

Researching is one of the attributes a researcher must have when testing the hypothesis.

4. Browsing 

Frank and Annie were browsing the images in the internet when I arrived.

5. Surfing

Francis enjoys surfing the internet when he has free time.  

6. Networking 
Networking could bring people from different places together.

7. Connect 

Connecting with people is now easy because of technology.

8. Search 

Annie keeps on searching for her lost pen.  

9. Conference 
The shareholders were conferencing about the company’s issue.

10. Act

Nina loves the art of acting.