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Distance = 30 km            time = 40 mins. 
speed =  \frac{d}{t}  
speed= \frac{30km}{40mins.} =
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okay, thanks and sorry..
That's one of MTAP question. You may  convert the km to meter first , and the minute to seconds, for m/s SI unit :-) You're good:-) 
oh... so that's why it seems familiar... I really forgot some things easily.. ._. thanks tho..
It's an MTAP question.  True. It's our review 
I know. I co-coach. And it should be meter/seconds or km per hour, not km per minute :-)
Put the given first:
distance: 30km
Time: 10:55-10:15 = 10:40 or 10 hrs. and 40 minutes
v= 30km/10 and 40 hrs.
v= .75 km/hr
o.O 10 and 40 hrs? ... 30 km over 10 and 40 hrs? o.O huh? what are you saying... also, what do you mean? ^ 
40 min / 60 min = 2/3 of an hour.
you're right, joecelE :-) there's a big difference.
Hi, Anjmarie.  I did not post the question :-) I wanted to answer, but was not able to post mine because only two answers are allowed.  I did not report your answer (and it depends on the moderator if they'll delete your answer or not) because I want you to address the error in your solution, so you can still edit, if still allowed. Even you did not use the SI unit of measure, you should have give the proper one based on given.  Good evening :-)   
**should have given...**